Carnival vs Norwegian

Norwegian Sun in Key West

In this post, I hope to provide an impartial look at Carnival vs Norwegian in multiple areas. Feel free to chime in under the comments, and make suggestions on which Norwegian ship I should try next! When booking cruises, I tend to look at Carnival’s offerings first. Why? Because they have Blue Iguana tacos. No, […]

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Planning a Girls’ Trip on the Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

Cruising with My Homies I work hard, and although I work in education I don’t get summers off. Thus the need for adventures every chance I get! This time it was a Norwegian Sun girls’ trip that my sister stumbled upon. The first day of school is a milestone because I get to meet my new […]

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Things to Do in Freeport When You Want to Stay Close to the Ship

Things to do in Freeport

Our final port stop, in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, promised to be a low-key time, in keeping with the theme of the entire cruise thus far. I had read on Trip Advisor about Banana Bay, which looked like a really promising place to spend a day on the beach. But, we were only in port […]

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Carnival Pride Cruise 2018 – Things to do in Half Moon Cay

Things to do in half moon cay

Recovering from Grand Turk Grand Turk had been everything we’d hoped it would be, near-death experience aside. The Carnival Pride pulled out of port at 2:00, leaving us a good part of the afternoon to recover from our adventure by relaxing on the Serenity deck with banana daiquiris and contemplate things to do on Half […]

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Carnival Pride 2018: What to do in Grand Turk – Jack’s Shack

What to do in Grand Turk - Jack's Shack

Hi there! Make sure you read this entire cruise experience, starting here. Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet! Grand Turk is for Lovers… and Nerds Grand Turk brings out my inner nerd, big time. Before going into education, I did electrical engineering. I studied at Georgia Tech (Sting ‘Em, Jackets!) with scholarships […]

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Carnival Pride Cruise 2018 – How to Spend Your Sea Days on a Cruise – the First Two Sea Days

Carnival Pride Cruise

Note: Make sure you read the first installment, Carnival Pride Cruise 2018 – Planning & Boarding! Many people don’t know how to feel about how to spend their sea days on a cruise. It seems like you either love them or hate them. Some people love the relaxation and wandering aimlessness of a good sea […]

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Carnival Pride Cruise 2018 – Planning & Boarding

Carnival Pride Cruise Half Moon Cay Beach

Hi, and welcome to our very first blog post! Make sure you read a little about us first! Thanks for visiting! The New Jersey Blues Living in New Jersey is not always the most thrilling, or economical, thing in the world. Pros: lots of family nearby; within two hours of multiple major cities (and their […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! Welcome to our world!  We’re Tamika and Eugene, just a couple of crazy folks trying to take advantage of all that the world has to offer.  Sometimes we soar, and sometimes we (literally) run into brick walls. But, we have fun no matter what. Thanks for joining us on this dope […]

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