Welcome to our world!  We’re Tamika and Eugene, just a couple of crazy folks trying to take advantage of all that the world has to offer.  Sometimes we soar, and sometimes we (literally) run into brick walls. But, we have fun no matter what. Thanks for joining us on this dope adventure.

We are both from New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia, and we both love adventure, fun, and relaxation.  We work really hard in our careers as educators, so we love to kick back whenever we can.

Tamika works with 7th graders at a local middle school, and Eugene teaches high school.  This adventure of ours began when we taught 6th grade in neighboring classrooms over ten years ago.  He swears that he asked her out then; she remembers no such thing. Anyway, we were great friends… and then more than friends… and now we’ve been married since 2009! It hasn’t always been easy, but here we are, with awesome memories and more adventure in store.

Just a note… we love the world and all of the people in it; we’re outrageously grateful for all of the bestowed upon us in this beautiful life that we have; we can rock out in just about any environment with anyone; and we also curse sometimes. REPEAT: WE CURSE. You’re liable to hear just about anything in a video, so be forewarned.

Stay tuned as we keep you glued to your screen with tales of our crazy life.